I pride myself on helping founders share what’s inside their heads in a way they never thought possible.

True confession: I’ve been terrible at doing it for myself.

It’s hard to admit that as the CEO of a content marketing company, I’ve had my fair share of trouble producing my own content to a standard of my liking (i.e. Perfection).

Creating your content? Piece of cake. Mine? Torture.

But I didn’t get mad. (Well, maybe a little — you’ll have to ask my team). I got curious. I unraveled what I know and don’t know about expertise, creativity, and self-awareness…

What happens when a prospect doesn’t want to buy your product right away?

You’ve had a call with them and educated them about your company. They know what products or services you offer and they know the solutions you provide, but they simply aren’t ready to buy.

How do you continue to earn the right to stay in front of them, without coming off as salesy or boring, or only talking about yourself?

The Problem with Only Having One Message

Your prospects are at different places in their journey. …

What takes even more time than creating content, is creating intentional content.

Thinking through an intentional content approach that’s designed to connect with your audience is one of the most time-consuming tasks of all.

And it’s a task that generating high quality leads depends on.

Want Quality Leads? We’ve Got So Much in Common…

We all want to generate leads. But if most people are rarely satisfied with the quality, who’s at fault? The unqualified lead, or you?

If we’re honest, we know poor leads are our own fault. And it’s usually because of our content. We’ve talked a lot about buyer personas (our persona template is one of…

The most common reason most businesses hesitate to get started with content marketing might not come as a shock to you.

In fact, it’s probably held you back from clicking the PUBLISH button on a blog post before. Or, maybe it’s caused you to edit, and re-edit, and re-re-edit an email newsletter before finally hitting send.

Many businesses are afraid of giving too much away. They’re afraid that if they create amazing content, it will eliminate a prospect’s reason to buy their product or service.

It’s a fair complaint, and some prospects will do exactly that.

If you put out…

Here’s a pair of startling statistics:

92% of marketers view content as an asset, but only 46% have a documented content strategy (according to Content Marketing Institute).

What!? If nearly everyone recognizes the importance of content, why have so few people invested in strategies to build, promote, and measure it?

My guess is that most marketers skip the hard stuff. They want to dive right into the creation part (i.e. the fun part) of content marketing.

Essentially, they forget the “marketing” in “content marketing.”

Sure, it’s easy to write and publish the great idea we had in the car, or…

I’ve done this a million times and I’m sure you have too:

You need to learn something — maybe it’s how to run payroll in Quickbooks, install the Google Analytics tracking code, or set up that WordPress plugin. So, you pull up a Google search.

The first page of results has plenty of quality articles, along with three videos. You click a video without hesitation.


Because videos are easy. They’re engaging. They pack a ton of information into a short span.

People watch more than 100 million hours of video every day on Facebook. Snapchat alone plays over 10…

You know what’s one of the hardest parts of digital marketing?

Reading reports like this:

Have you heard the story of the ant and grasshopper?

The grasshopper spent the summer romping through the field and playing music while the ant prepared for winter. When winter came, the ant sat cozy in his home, surrounded by food. The grasshopper went cold and hungry.

Your version of the fable may be different, but the moral is always the same: You must prepare for bad days before things get bad.

Keeping a business alive works the same way. None of us are immune to slow weeks, months or even years (the winter in this metaphor).

When we’re busy…

I bet you have a hundred marketing tasks on your to-do list right now.

If you’re like me, you’ll plan to cross out 10 of those today, but only have time to finish half.

…And then 15 more will fill their space.

It’s an especially big problem for me because I’m marketing dozens of companies. I’m always looking for ways to achieve results faster for my clients.

Do I work hard? Sure, and so does my team. But doubling down and working harder isn’t enough to stay competitive or sustainable.

In fact, it’s the opposite of what we believe.


More than anything, I wish there was one marketing tactic that worked better than all the others.

I wish I could say “This is the only tactic worth our time.”

But that isn’t how the web works (or the world, for that matter).

To deliberately grow a business, we must become competent with multiple tactics. Our strategies must be flexible. We must wield an entire toolbox.

Then we have to integrate all of those pieces together into a system that works.

You probably started with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because it’s easy to dive into. …

Joel Widmer

I'm a marketing strategist, longboarder and on a search for the perfect hamburger! You can find me blogging at http://fluxedigitalmarketing.com

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